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Josh Wieder Technical Consulting

Josh Wieder Technical Consulting/Adaptive Advantage is not accepting new projects or clients at this time.

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A proven track record

Josh Wieder has over a decade of experience in sytems administration and network engineering working with internet service providers, commercial data centers, law enforcement and the military. Contact Josh Wieder Technical Consulting to find out how we can be of service to you with your latest project.


Server administration, security & infrastructure planning


Windows support for your home & business


Database administration, scaling & disaster recovery


Enterprise networking, wireless, intrusion prevention

Services & Solutions

Today's business - from garage start ups to the Fortune 500 - requires technology that just works. Sometimes solving a problem requires skills that can't be addressed through staffing. Josh Wieder Technical Consulting can provide infrastructure capacity planning, secure systems compromised by malicious software and resolve obstacles preventing the deployment of complex projects.

Server Administration

Linux, Windows and database server administation is the core competency of Josh Wieder Technical Consulting. Is your hosting provider unable or unwilling to help you with your current problem? Does your project require too much coding for your server admin, or too much server administration for your developer? Are you tired of excuses? You've come to the right place.

Code Development

We specialize in scripting with PHP, Javascript, C & bash. Is your code failing to meet performance requirements? Was your website or network hacked, but your hosting provider told you that they couldn't help because the problem was your code? Do you need to automate a process that is wasting the time of your employees? Get in touch today so that Josh Wieder Technical Consulting can help.


Josh Wieder spent years organizing the Abuse Response Department of a major internet service provider and worked directly for the founder of the Cybercrime Unit of the Florida Attorney General's Office. His independent malware research has been featured in major news outlets across the world. Have you been hacked? Is one of your computers infected with malware? Josh Wieder Technical Consulting can secure your network and identify the source of the problem.

Virtualization & H/A

Our experience includes helping several companies build, deploy & manage their own Private Cloud deployments. Virtualization isn't always easy, particularly when dealing with legacy infrastructure, but the reduction in hosting costs & hardware-related headaches are unmistakable. Let us help you eliminate downtime, automate server deployment and minimize your server footprint.


Many of our clients rely on specialized billing applications that perform a wide variety of mission-critical tasks: collecting funds, provisioning new products, compiling client information & monitoring core infrastructure. We can build custom modules and payment gateways, create custom web templates, migrate encrypted client data and help ensure that your billing software meets the needs of your business.


Effectively automating core operations can prove the difference between success and failure for businesses who rely on software to meet their bottom-line. We can help your organization take full advantage of virtualization and containers by bridging gaps with these new tools that leave staff members manually configuring new products & resources when their time is better spent elsewhere.


Developing great software & infrastructure is not enough - effective training, documentation and communication are needed to ensure that your entire team can use and modify the tools we build for you. That's why each of our custom projects include comprehensive documentation and a remote training session. Ongoing support packages are also available to help meet the unique staffing requirements of each of our clients.

Advanced Web Development

Building a website has never been easier, and entry-level hosting has never been cheaper. On the other hand, customer expectations for web presence have never been more demanding. With significant experience in both coding & administration, Josh Wieder Technical Consulting can integrate your application into a CDN, provide penetration & performance testing & do whatever else it takes to ensure that your web application is fast, secure and compelling,

Example Projects

Take a look at some of our previous work. Additional references are available upon request.

A Letter from Josh Wieder

Josh Wieder Technical Consulting (dba Adaptive Advantage) has been providing enterprise IT consulting services since 2015. After nearly seven years in business, we are suspending operations indefinitely.

The partnerships this firm enabled me to develop have had a real impact that wasn't foreseen when the company began. Over the last six years we have helped nonprofits identify corruption in state elections, helped journalists expose the societal damage of Oxycontin diversion and most recently we have helped physicians to offer affordable services throughout the pandemic. It has been an honor to work on every single project.

Why shut down now?

In a word: COVID. The economic impact of the pandemic has proved devastating, and the firm failed to turn a profit this year. Adaptive Advantage is not alone in this. By one estimate, as many as one third of all US small businesses closed their doors since the virus reached the United States. The continuing consolidation of IT resources in public cloud hosting alongside the slow collapse of commercial real estate use in particular proved irreparable.

Existing customers will receive a more detailed notification. Critical data related to client applications will continue to be stored by us for at least the next 12 months to ensure that a transition to a new IT consultant will not result in any disruption to operations. Existing customers can still call or email me any time to help with the transition.

Thank you for what has been an extraordinary experience,

Josh Wieder